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Typical specifications for in-slab duct ventilation system

In-Slab Duct Ventilation System shall be the ECCODUCT™ system as manufactured by ECCO Manufacturing.

Ducting shall be manufactured with high quality galvanized steel using a spiral wound lockseam with internal reinforcing.

All fittings incased in concrete such as inlet boots, elbows, support brackets, soffit, and wall discharge and spiral wound duct shall have labeled fittings tested to ULC standards

  • The ECCODUCT™ system has a MAX 3-HR F & FT rating tested in accordance with ULC S115-M95 and ASTM E814-02 test requirements.
  • Impact loading meeting requirements of CAN3 A23.1 M77, Falsework for Construction Purposes.
  • Point loading meeting requirements of CSA S269.1 1975, Falsework for Construction Purposes.
  • Airflow and duct friction charts to be provided in accordance with SMACNA and ASHRAE guidelines.

Testing data shall be provided to the engineer prior to installation to ensure the above requirements are met.

In cold weather climates, ECCODUCT™ shall be externally wrapped with Reflectix® DBWEF Duct Insulation on the exterior envelope discharges and intakes. Insulation distance to comply with local codes. Installation shall be completed as per “ECCODUCT™ Installation Procedures”, as provided by ECCO Manufacturing™. Non compliance may result in impeded performance for which ECCO™ does not assume responsibility.


Size: 12" × 1-3/4"

Material: Galvanized Steel

Lengths: Standard Length is 10 Feet

The ECCODUCT™ system is a rectangular spiral seamed duct embedded in the structural concrete floors of high-rise buildings.

The ECCODUCT™ system has a 3-hour fire rating on all encased components and has passed extensive testing to give trouble free installation and service.

The primary use of ECCODUCT™ is to exhaust air from bathroom fans, range hoods, and clothes dryers but can also be used for fresh air intake and supply air.

All testing performed by Intertek Testing Services NA Ltd. Warnock Hersey and Hardy Associates Ltd.

Warnock Hersey Tested

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Fan Sizing Chart
12" × 1-3/4" ECCODUCT™

CFM's shown on chart are for matching fan delivery to duct systems.

Equivalent length of fittings:

  • Inlet Boot, 26 ft.
  • Wall Discharge with Damper and Grille, 6 ft.
  • 45° Elbow, 7ft.
  • 90° Elbow, 12 ft.
  • 30° Elbow, 7 ft.
  • Soffit Discharge with Grille, 13 ft.

Example: A 100 CFM systems consists of: inlet boot; 15 ft. duct; one 45° elbow and wall discharge with damper and grille. Total equivalent feet of duct equals 26 + 15 + 7 + 6 which equals 54 feet. Duct capacity required is 100 CFM, therefore, from chart, fan must deliver at least 100 CFM @ 0.20 inches of water static pressure or greater.

* Based on 4.50" equivalent round diameter.

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Technical Information

Summary of ECCODUCT™ Testing

There have been three tests performed on ECCODUCT™ to date:

1) Fire Endurance Test:

Components and duct related to the ECCODUCT™ system have passed and exceeded the 2 hour fire rating by 1 hour. The ECCODUCT™ system now has a MAX 3 - HR F & FT rating tested in accordance with ULC S115-M95 and ASTM E814-02 test requirements.

2) Load Test:

ECCODUCT™ was tested to determine its performance under both impact loading and point loading.

For impact loading, 440 lbs. (200 kg) of coarse aggregate was discharged directly onto ECCODUCT™ from a height of 4.9 ft. (1.5 m) simulating worst case application of concrete.ECCODUCT™ passed the test with no permanent deformation, (tested to CAN3-A23).

For point loading, a rigid plate measuring 3.5 inches (35 mm) x 12 inches (305 mm) was placed on the longitudinal axis of ECCODUCT™. The plate was loaded with a force of 225 lbs. (1 KN) simulating worst case foot traffic. Once the load was removed, ECCODUCT™ exhibited a permanent deformation of 1/32 inch (1 mm). This deformation presents no problem to the proper operation of ECCODUCT™, (tested to CSA S269.1-1975).

3) Friction Test:

A variable speed fan was used to supply air to a typical section of ECCODUCT™ to determine the friction loss of ECCODUCT™ at various air flow rates. Various fittings (elbows, discharge heads, etc.) were also tested to determine their friction loss. The results of the tests allowed us to construct a fan sizing chart for ECCODUCT™ including the various related fittings. This chart will allow customers to accurately match fan delivery to any ECCODUCT™ system at the required airflow rate.

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Typical Configurations

* For those who have Autocad and would like access to the following typical configuration DXF files, please right click the link and select "Save Target As" to download to your computer.

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